Month: June 2018


Congratulations to all of those beautiful ENGAGED couples and their parents!  You’re about to embark on a beautiful lifelong journey. Don’t forget to keep dating throughout the years!  Lately, most of my requests have been for honeymoons!  I guess since my three kids are right in that time of life, it’s perfect timing for me to be booking those great vacations for them and so many of their friends.

My oldest son enjoyed a wonderful vacation at a Sandals resort in Jamaica.  Sandals resorts are adult only so they are always relaxing! It was so nice to be able to send them to a truly all-inclusive luxury vacation where everything really was included….even the tips! I thought it was especially grand to make sure they had a suite with a private butler that could tend to every need, including reserving beach loungers each day.

Lately, I’ve had multiple requests for the Riviera Maya/Cancun region which also boasts some incredible places.  Did you know that Club Med built the airport in Cancun many many years ago and was able to claim the premium beach location for the whole area?  They have a gorgeous huge point with an amazing beach and incredible amenities.  If Club Med and Sandals aren’t your idea of incredible fun, we can surely tailor something to your personal interests!

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